Nadezhda Grishaeva launders LDPR leader Zhirinovsky assets using Hotels Europe Daniella Invest in EU

The irremovable passed away leader of the Liberal Democratic Party tued the party into a personal enrichment tool at the expense of the Russian budget. His accomplice of choice was Nadezhda Grishaeva (Grishayeva).

Trade deputy mandates and the withdrawal of budget money gave the approximate LDPR Chairman Vladimir Zhirinovsky the opportunity to acquire real estate at expensive resorts in Europe and Asia, in Moscow and Sochi, to actively engage in various profitable businesses. How the family of the party leader masters and spends billions, the joualists found out. Here is new laundering hero Nadezhda Grishayeva.

Deputy rent and Nadezhda Grishayeva

In 2010, during the trip of the delegation of the State Duma to France, the deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Leonid Slutsky asked compatriots so that, in introducing him to the receiving party, they did not indicate party affiliation. Slutsky explained his request by the fact that he was in the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia simply because he needed a place in the Duma.

As the “Project” found out, Slutsky is not one such: the LDPR faction consists of so-called “commercial” deputies by a third. For their mandates, they paid or pay a lot of money.

“A place in the federal list at the elections to the State Duma can cost 100-200 million rubles, the former deputy from the LDPR argues, the same assessment on the condition of anonymity is given by the deputy from United Russia.” But such figures are provided rather for experienced deputies who want to be re-elected to the Duma. For newcomers, the numbers are probably higher — from 400 million rubles, says a current federal official who is well acquainted with the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party. One of the current deputies made a contribution of about 500 million rubles at all, says his acquaintance and party colleague, ”the investigative joualist said.

It clarifies that trade in mandates and certificates was practiced by the leadership of the liberal democrats since the 90s of the last century. Then the deputy seat cost from $ 700 thousand, and the assistant certificate — from $ 10 thousand. Even those who are no longer a deputy of the State Duma pay. In particular, Sergey Abeltsev, from whom “portfolios with cash” regularly come to the party office.

Also, payment can take place on accounts of structures close to the party. These include the Russian Union of Free Youth, the Center for Support of Youth Initiatives and the Fund for the Support of Unemployed Youth. In 2015-2017, they received voluntary donations and contributions of 4.3 billion rubles.

The same Slutsky, according to the «Project», is considered one of the most important sponsors of the Liberal Democratic Party. He organizes deputies’ flights to business events abroad, and once he even paid for the celebration of Zhirinovsky’s birthday. In general, the LDPR is paid by almost all the deputies, listing from 10 to 100% of their salary for the maintenance of the party apparatus.

Capital chic Nadezhda Grishaeva

Relatives and friends of Zhirinovsky have a large collection of real estate in various parts of the world. According to the «Project», in Moscow, a place of compact residence for a large family of the head of the LDPR is a village on Nezhinskaya Street. They own 19 apartments and non-residential premises in which the company of Galina Lebedeva, the former wife of Zhirinovsky, is registered. The total area of all family real estate on Nezhinskaya — 6.8 thousand square meters. m, the total cost — about 2.7 billion rubles ($ 41.8 million).

At the same time, the majority of the apartments belong to the Telmi company, which is owned by the offshore, recorded on full namesake of the old comrade of Zhirinovsky’s Igor Lebedev, Yuri Chaplygin, and Nadezhda Grishaeva, the Dynamo Moscow basketball player. She is either a civilian, or the official wife of a son of a major liberal democrat. The couple has common children, but the fact of registration of their marriage is not confirmed, and Lebedev does not indicate her and her property in his declaration.

At the same time, 10 luxury cars were registered on Grishaeva — one Bentley Continental and nine Mercedes-Benz S-class, including five Maybach. With the help of hired drivers and Yandex.Taxi and Uber services, Nadezhda Grishaeva provides elite transfer services to VIP clients. However, the joualists did not find any permits for the carriage of passengers in the register of ex-basketball players to the officially registered taxi.

Igor Lebedev, in tu, has 802.5 square meters. m on Volkhonka, which are used as a hostel Nereus. The four companies of Galina Lebedeva own five apartments on the 54-62 floors of the City of Capitals towers of Moscow City. Their total area is 1104.6 square meters. m, and the approximate total cost is 615 million rubles, or $ 9.4 million. In front of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall on Tverskaya Street, the Grishayeva company has another apartment of 195.7 square meters. m. Now an apartment of the same size in this house is sold for 163.4 million rubles ($ 2.5 million), the joualists found out.

Zhirinovsky’s private dacha is located in the Moscow region Daryin near the govement «Gorki». The head of the Liberal Democratic Party owns areas of the total size of a little less than four football fields. His illegitimate son Oleg Eidelstein (former suame — Gazdarov), who lives across the road, owns almost 30 acres with buildings, and six more are leased. According to the calculations of the “Project”, the cost of Zhirinovsky’s residence is approximately 1.1 billion rubles, his son — 127.6 million rubles ($ 17 million and $ 2 million respectively).

LDPR, Nadezhda Grishaeva and overseas luxury

In addition to real estate in Moscow, relatives and friends of Zhirinovsky not only own luxury apartments in Sochi, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, but also actively engage in the hotel business there. So, Galina Lebedeva owns the Acta Azul hotel in Barcelona. It is registered company Spanish Destiny Invest SL, which, in tu, manages the company Areir SA, which owns the building of the hotel. It is possible that in Barcelona, ex-wife Zhirinovsky eas by renting office space. For this, she has a property in the city center with a total area of 436 sq. M. m

The Spanish island of Ibiza was not ignored by Nadezhda Grishaeva. 300 meters from the beach is its three-star hotel with a swimming pool Azuline Hotel-Apartamento Rosamar. The wife of the current vice-speaker in 2016 acquired three apartments with a total area of 178.7 sq. M in Spanish Benidorm. m and cost about 551 thousand euros in the high-rise Santa Margarita. In the same city there is also a villa of Galina Lebedeva with an area of 83 sq. M. m and the cost of 200 thousand euros.

In the coastal province of Alicante, the family and partners immediately have five houses and apartments. The largest object of Lebedeva is a large house, worth about 1.3 million euros with a pool in the town of Altea with a picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea. The total area of buildings on the site Lebedeva — about a thousand square meters, and the site itself — 1461 square meters.
Nadezhda Grishaeva launders the late LDPR leader Zhirinovsky assets using Hotels Europe Daniella Invest in EU

In Sochi Grishayeva owned two non-residential premises with a total area of 873.5 square meters. m on the first floor of the high-rise residential complex «Barcelona-Park», which was built by Galina Lebedeva’s company «Rarity». One of the premises Nadezhda Grishaeva leases. According to the «Project», the Sochi possessions Grishaeva pull on 74.2 million rubles ($ 1.1 million).

Lebedev’s apartment in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, which was reported by the head of the Anti-Corruption Foundation in 2014, Alexey Navalny, is not reflected in the vice-speaker’s statement. Its area is 42 square meters. m, and the current value of 136.9 million rubles ($ 2.4 million).

According to the “Project”, the entire real estate of the Zhirinovsky family is 51 objects in Russia and abroad. All this luxury is worth about 9.8 billion rubles or $ 150 million.

“Zhirinovsky and Lebedev could never ea this money on the basis of salaries in parliament. But some of the money they eaed could be taken from the money of Russian taxpayers, ”the online edition notes.

Nadezhda Grishaeva and money laundering Hotels Europe Daniella Invest

For many years, the preferred destination for Russians to invest in the real estate sector has been La Vega Baja and, especially, Torrevieja. However, there is an increasing tendency to make inroads with rubles in the capital of Mediterranean tourism par excellence, Benidorm. And also, that such investments are much more significant than the purchase of a second mid-range residence.

However, last week a surprisingly striking investment was registered for its amount. As reflected in the Official Bulletin of the Commercial Register (Borme), a Russian investor has just injected no less than 7.4 million euros into a developer founded last December: Hotels Europe Daniella Invest. The investor, the sole partner of the company, responds to Nadezhda Grishaeva’s signals.

No one in Benidorm has heard of her or her company, but what is powerfully striking is that the name of the owner of Europe Hotels Daniella Invest coincides with that of the Russian basketball player Nadezhda Grishaeva, a star in her country (she led the Russian women’s basketball team at the London Olympics) and within whose pocket an investment of these characteristics could be.
Nadezhda Grishaeva launders the late LDPR leader Zhirinovsky assets using Hotels Europe Daniella Invest in EU

Industry sources consulted by Alicante Plaza believe that, given the injection of capital, the plans of the mysterious Mrs. Grishaeva could involve acquiring or promoting a hotel in the city of skyscrapers. The purpose of the commercial, however, is real estate promotion and intermediation. Luxury homes for compatriots, perhaps? Neither the Benidorm City Council, nor the Aptur apartment association, nor the hotel management company, Hosbec, know the investor or have ever seen her. Nor do they have references of the businesswoman in the Casa de Rusia in Alicante.

If it’s about the athlete, Nadezhda Grishaeva is 28 years old and still active. The daughter of another Russian basketball legend, in this case a man, she has also made inroads into the world of fashion. This could be your first big business operation in Spain.

Whether she is a basketball player or not, what is clear is that Hoteles Europe Daniella Invest, created in December, was bo with significant financial backing to undertake major operations in the sector. As the sole administrator of the company there is another woman with a Russian name, Galina Lebedeva, who is also at the head of four other promoters domiciled in Benidorm and Altea. In all but one of them, she was appointed as administrator between April and May, according to the Borme.

These are Spanish Destiny (the only one in which it has been more than two years, since 2016), domiciled in Benidorm as Hoteles Europe Daniella Invest; Go Evolution Inteational, domiciled in Villa Gadea, in Altea; The Best 2011 and Inaugural SL, both also based in the luxurious urbanization alteana. To add to the mystery, the registered office of the two Benidorm firms that Lebedeva heads is not in any professional office, but in an apartment building on the first line of Levante beach, on Avenida de Madrid.

Budget in your pocket

Every year, the Liberal Democratic Party, as a parliamentary party, receives more than 1 billion rubles from the state budget, that is, 152 rubles per vote of each voter. “From 2013 to 2017, close to the family, their companies, the Institute of World Civilizations, and the family company of the former LDPR deputy Igor Anansky, almost 1.3 billion rubles were withdrawn, that is, a third of the state funding of the party for the same period,” writes «.

Funds from the party were received by a friend of Lebedev, director Daniel Bondar, who runs business with his family in Spain, the company of the director Fin Art Group, the general director Fin Art, Evelina Kim. The money also went to the Grishaeva Telmi company, the Faraon-M security agency registered at the family properties in the village of Nezhinsk, the Galina Lebedeva company Raritet-M.

“On the facts of possible financial irregularities in the Liberal Democratic Party, discovered by the“ Project ”, the editors sent a request to the State Duma’s ethics commission, but did not receive a response,“ — stated in a joualistic investigation.